Seven Hills Community Church is a 501c3 charitable organization (
All offerings and donations are tax deductible.

Our church is committed to a life coaching discipleship model that includes counseling, mentorship, and commitment to following Christ. (Matthew 28:19-20).

There are 2 types of

New Testament Giving

General / Corporate giving that provides for the needs of the ministry and the church body

(Acts 4:32-35)


Individual / Designated giving where each person is led by the Holy Spirit to give to meet specific needs

(Acts 2:44-45)

At Seven Hills Community Church

we believe in the New Testament principle for giving and stewardship

(2 Cor. 9:6-7)



General Offering

We are a mission minded church that follows the Biblical pattern to evangelize locally first, and then to support a broader mission base (Acts 1:8).


Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves that’s why we are actively involved with our community helping individuals and families with their various needs (Matthew 22:39).

Seven Hills is committed to stewardship and being accountable for managing all offerings and donations that we receive.

This is why we give you the opportunity to determine exactly how your offerings are used