​Our faith community welcomes you and your family. Join us every Sunday to worship,

pray and learn about God's word. 

                           Rev. Thomas A. Tascone

     Th.M., M.Ed., B.S.Psy., B.S.Spec. Ed., B.C.P.C.

Join us as Pastor Tom

explains scripture​

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Join us every Tuesday night from

7 PM to 9 PM

while we discuss the real issues that

young adults face everyday.  


Apply the Good News to your daily life.

Tuesday Services

  • 12 noon Women in the WORD
  • 7 pm College Life - Young Adults 

Wednesday Service ​

  •  6 pm Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

Sunday Services

  • 10 am Bible Study
  • 11 am Worship and Word
  • 6 pm Worship and Word

     First Sunday Every Month:

  • 10 am Bible Study
  • 11 am Worship and Word  (Communion Service)
  •  12 pm  Fellowship Meal
  •    1 pm  Afternoon service                                         (no evening service)

Message from our Pastor

As Christians we are called to love one another..........to love God's creation.........even to love our enemies........and we know when God chose to reveal His love to this world,

He did it through His Word - the Lord Jesus Christ - John 3:16.

And, it is because of the truth revealed in John 1:14 that we believe the Bible is God's perfect way to show that love to each other and to a lost and dying world.

As the Pastor of Seven Hills Community Church, God has called me to guide and instruct this group of believers as we follow Jesus.

I personally invite you to join us this week in our journey of faith and fellowship.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pastor Tom

John 13:34-35, Romans 8, Matthew 5:43-48, John 1:14